The inn


From a structure dating back to 1800 the hospitality tradition of the Pellegrini family was born; Pio and Ines were the founders of a story that started from a rustic inn with eight rooms.



In Gardone Riviera,

the “garden town”, among its characteristic alleys, in a structure dating back to the end of the 19th century, the hospitality tradition of the Locanda agli Angeli was born – and in 2003 the new wing of the inn was added, a house with a lacustrine style, that enriches the well known food service and catering of the restaurant. Thanks to a gradual maintenance, restoration and preservation, eight rooms were born, in harmony with the surrounding nature and environment. Comfortable, cosy, and romantic: simple and relaxing spaces, completed by a pool located in the internal yard.


Simplicity and minimalism


The encounter between the simplicity from the past and the minimalism of the contemporary era created a very peculiar style: a colonial atmosphere, that has the fragrance of faraway lands

All the rooms, including the historical ones in the main structure, are characterized by a colour, and were furnished by Patrizia using memories of her travels between Bali and Gardone; canopy beds made with teak wood, furniture, paintings and sculptures that create a romantic, cosy and minimal style. A secluded shelter with a timeless sophistication.